Monday, August 24, 2009


It's too hot for jeans and I finding skirts non-conducive to biking. I've held out on the legging trend for years now. I thought it would be over by now. I found it amazing the young women were now rocking the same look my mom has sported for years . It has only been this past summer that I have worn leggings in the current fashion and I'll admit, they are tres comfortable, tres easy, and yes, they seem to go with anything...

However, even if you possess a pair of thick, stretchy tights, it seems that once doubled over on a bicycle, the gleaming sun shines through your leggings and gives the downtown area a show. You may ask, "But why not wear long shirts with your tights to avoid this risque affair?" As I said, I've held out on the legging trend for years and if I am to go this route, I would rather wear them loud and proud as pants, rather than some easy slap'n'go ensemble. (Though I do love the lounge wear.)

And so, I hunt for a thick pair of leggings to masquerade as pants this season.


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  1. Leggings at Sirens. No joke, they're amazing. And hella cheap. Though, for your long legs, they may be a bit short.